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Cool animation, but... What happened here?

sans50skelebro responds:

well.... this is based off a ytpmv so you can already tell what this is.

This animation is a bit dated, but it tries its best to try mixing crass Spanish humor with the more bloodless, better animated sprite animations of modern times.

Okay, I watched the old trilogy. Given this old style of humor, hopefully the fourth one doesn't look dated given we got less bloody, more well-done sprite animations made by people like HatLovingGamer and Level UP these days.

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Hey Robster. It's me, Flashlight237. I'm one of the main people behind the art of this game. There is a way to add me to the credits to this game on the website itself. Here's an example of what I mean (taken from Sonic Shorts 5): http://prntscr.com/uvpbq5

Now, for the game itself. Back in 2018 when the game was made in Flash, just the idea of making an isometric 3D game in Flash was farfetched given Flash was a very limited engine. It works well for 2D games, but that was it, and there's not really any sort of programming site that readily teaches you Actionscript. You were kinda on your own.

Interesting to note of this game is both its art style and its political commentary. The game takes on a sort of cartoony, puppet-like style, kinda like a cross between muppets and the South Park Canadians. Given its vector-based art, I was able to master the art style as quickly as I took a hold of it, mainly because I had years of experience with the Total Drama series' art style on my side. Out of experience, it works well with heads of things like the armadillos, stalagmites, and batlings. As for things like birds and things with mandibles like the Shadowcreeper monster I've made, it's more like Sparky the Dog in a way that it's easier to treat mouth parts individually than as "one with the head."

It is important to note that the story itself was meant to be a political commentary. It was first introduced when we met up with Pirth, the owner of an abandoned shop that's being watched by a government agent. Turns out that was a setup by Xantis, a ruling figure who hated humans and made it his one goal to exterminate them, and supporters of humans are collateral. It's kinda like Hitler with his and his regime's near-speciesism against humans (saying this because the Holocaust's reign of terror went way further than Jews). His only appearance as of now are concepts made by me, which depict him as a Hitler-looking fellow similar to Big Brother from 1984.

Other signs of the political commentary is slave labor (a Burger Boys' worker had 22-hour shifts despite the store being open from 6 AM to 10 PM), political ignorance (Xantis' supporters sound just like Trump's supporters), and a failed education system (a guy named "Historial Researcher" (purposely misspelled) is very confused over the existence of DIFFERENT CALENDARS)

There are hints of a Moonchyllus in the Eliapedia entries of the Logon and Stalagmite enemies and Lumbercore: a mid-boss. Moonchyllus was a goddess I've designed to fit in the aspects of environmentalism (she is to personify Mother Nature in Eliatopia) and religion (I had thought about Moonchyllus being both the creator of Eliatopia and an ancient pantheon featuring twelve goddesses), both which played a strong role in politics. Her first "official" appearance was on a billboard I drew up a week back.

Mechanically, it does the job. There's nothing phenomenal or abysmal about the game. It's average and does the job its meant to do. People claimed that damage is bad, that the formula needs to be fixed, but I don't think that's the case. I think the real flaw with damage is that the game lacks two crucial anti-damage mechanics: a dodge roll and the ability for melee players (warriors and mages) to cancel out attacks from monsters with hit stun. A dodge roll would easily allow players to avoid damage from attacks from ranged monsters like the Ground Spitter and the Batling, and fast monsters like Lumbercore. As for the Hit Stun, the best way I can put it is "if a Grunt can stun players and cancel out their attacks, why can't players do the same to Grunts?"

Overall, I'd say the game is an interesting experience both creatively and gameplay-wise. I'll give it 3.5/5.

"What is a Mario?"


I think the sole thing that's being tested here are the controls, so I'll just focus on those. The movement is alright, although a bit floaty. That's the key term here: "floaty." Walking downhill instead makes you float off into the air when you're supposed to cling onto the hill you're going down. That's just my take.

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Boi, that kid's probably dead!

Only reason I'm docking you down this time was because the joke was not well-hidden by your standards. Really, I can see the present coming out of Santa while he's on labor in the thumbnail.

I think something's wrong with my game. I should probably release this pokemon so I can fix it.

Still, interesting concept considering Double is quite a warped entity in on... whatever pronoun I'm supposed to use on Double since that thing's an eldritch abomination.


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