Entry #12

One of my Rotation Pages was Deemed Real

2015-12-19 20:16:01 by Flashlight237

Hey folks. So... Remember the rotation page of Heather's mom? It's here if you ask what it is.: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/flashlight237/heather-s-mom-rotation


Recently, I sent the rotation page to Fresh TV's Facebook page because, well, Fresh TV is the production company of Total Drama. After some time, I got this message from Fresh TV.:

Fresh TV said "It looks real to me"

Before you ask who's behind the PC, it's Christine Thompson, one of the Total Drama producers. To whoever's been 0-ed and 1-ed my rotation page, you just got pwn'd. Gloating aside, I personally felt it was quite an achievement. I had quite a strong cult following on DeviantART, but this is pretty much a whole new level. So yeah, there's my story.


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2016-12-17 19:57:20

they still dont "know" right?

Flashlight237 responds:

I would say "yes" because I recently made an upgraded copy.