2013-12-01 03:55:37 by Flashlight237

Well, Christmas is coming near. Of course there are some people who do not actually celebrate it, whether it be by choice or religion, so the phrase "Happy Holidays!" is used instead. Even so, I'm writing this poll about Christmas. Let's start off with my plan on the internet. I'll be submitting the Christmas gifts of 20 or so buddies from DeviantART, but I may submit a few of the gifts on this site if I feel they're good enough and are not "fan-characters only" thingamabobs. As for outside the internet, I believe we might have roast beef for dinner again. Yeah, in my family, it's usually ham for Easter, turkey for Thanksgiving, and roast beef for Christmas. Mhmm.

With that crap aside, I'll ask you folks this. What are YOUR plans for the holidays?


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2013-12-01 05:20:52

I have no idea what or where I'm going for Christmas... happens if you're not married, family and friends move away or die. Getting old sucks, enjoy your youth and loved ones :)


2013-12-01 14:44:38

Me and my sister shall shortly travel by train up North to visit our brother; celebrate an early Christmas with his family; stay there a couple of days, then travel back South and celebrate Christmas with the rest of the family on Christmas. Tons of tiny presents (need to go on a shopping spree for cheap yet entertaining/interesting/intriguing items to give away) and probably some form of fish for food. We have a gratin here in Sweden with potatoes and anchovies called Janssons Frestelse (translated: Janssons Temptation) we pretty much always eat for Christmas, that and some form of fish, and porridge for breakfast, and plenty of sweet things. The plan's pretty much tradition.

Have a good one!